Energy efficient

wearables made 


Reliable supply chain and extenstive ODM services are just a few reasons we are trusted by the known brands and sold by some of the largest stockists around the world

Your reliable ODM partner in Europe 

Founded in Denmark, based on decades of technology development and manufacturing of consumer electronics. Deep Nordic specialise in energy efficient consumer products in the wearable space. 

We have full control of our supply chain and therefore we can garantee that your orders will be fulfilled in time. 

Meet our brands


Born in the heart of Copenhagen, Deeprio was made to bring the best of the nordic values into our everyday lives through smart technology. With our easy-to-use design, we make work/life balance and healthy lifestyles more accessible to everyone.

Our smart wearables are designed with the effortlessly cool and minimalistic features that we all know and love from the Nordic design trends. Deeprio is our newest brand and was created in a culture of forward-thinking technology and bold ideas. 


Deepblu has transformed the diving community, bringing divers together from all over the world through our high tech dive watches with an easy-to-use interface and app with a built-in community.

It's our mission to create the best diving experiences below and above the surface. 

We have over 80.000 users worldwide whom passionately share their diving experiences every day.


AQFiT was founded in 2018, focusing on electronics and smart devices such as smart watches and earphones. 

Our team consists of specialists in R&D, design and manufacturing. We have an immense focus on quality, originality, experience and service. 

AQFiT strives to build the smart devices of tomorrow that will provide easy access to living a healthier lifestyle for everyone worldwide.